Exploring a life without music.

Within 6 months of the outbreak humanity had been hunted to the brink of extinction and the world plunged into silence.

15 years later, Alex fights for her survival alone in the British wasteland.

After discovering an abandoned shelter Alex meets Jordan, a feral orphan whose passion for drumming forces her to confront her childhood trauma.

United over their love for music, they are forced to join together to fight against the monsters that lurk among them.

Director’s Statement

As musicians ourselves we wanted to explore what life would be without music, and what it would feel like to rediscover music again for the first time! As big fans of the post-apocalyptic genre thanks to likes of The Last Of Us we thought it would be interesting to explore this concept in an apocalyptic landscape, seeing Alex find redemption through playing this beautiful guitar, a symbol of hope in the bleak world we had created. We set out wanting to tell this story and explore the challenges of producing an authentic apocalyptic world whilst on a tight self-funded budget, and we hope we have been able to touch audiences, striking a chord with musicians and film fans alike.