When life doesn’t go the way you planned, it might be time to consider a reset. Matt and Amy have the kids from hell, perhaps it’s time to start over. In this comedy, Matt has to convince his wife their life would be better without kids, and they should consider selling them…

Director’s Note

Our story idea was born during one Thursday evening, when we were all in acting class together and I was watching our two lead actors tackle a scene from a very dramatic play and yet I couldn’t stop laughing.

The absurdity of the situation, their honest and full commitment to the material made us want to explore it further. Their relationship was too good not to be captured on camera.

So we discuss story ideas and I thought a conversation like this would be most heightened during the holidays, when parents begin to solely concentrate on their children, leaving their relationship on the line.

I saw a lot of chaos, colors, ridiculous costumes and living in the midst of their children’s “tornado”. What would happen if one day you just want out?

We allowed ourselves to have some fun, enjoyed spending a weekend traveling through all the holidays (with Thanksgiving food as cast and crew meals) and I hope you will enjoy watching as much as we loved making it!