In Iraq War era America, best friends Noa and Nessa struggle with their attraction to one another in the days leading up to Noa’s military departure.

Director’s Vision For ‘Red Skies’

With “Red Skies”, I wanted to take a very broad topic and zoom as far in as I possibly could. I was shocked by how few people knew about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” laws and disgusted by the transgender military ban. I thought that the best possible way to raise awareness was not through an overarching explanation but through a deeply personal story about the effects of the law on individuals. With the help of my Director of Photography Cece Chan, we set out to create a film that quite literally breaths – we wanted the viewer to feel as if they were sitting by the pool with the characters, smoking a joint. By implanting the viewer into the story, an issue that would typically have no impact on them becomes personal.