Prosa is a sensual poetic story representing an “amalgamation of souls” – expression used to describe a deep emotional, intellectual & spiritual connection between the people. Invisible unity that is reflected in interpersonal behaviour. This bond is not subject to external factors, as it is metaphysical, it can never be destroyed, not in distress, not in grief, nor amidst the war.

Blended as a single interconnected whole in a dance, young couple expresses a spectre of deep emotions through their bodies in a contemporary choreography.

Director’s Vision for ‘Prosa’

Communicating and sharing our feelings on an interpersonal level became somewhat a form of self-healing, since the beginning of the war.
There’s an ocean of different emotions, perceptions and experiences inside every single one of us, though we are all interlinked by a greater unifying force.
So when an idea of creating a poetic piece that visually represents that spectrum of emotions through human motion / dance came around for Entely’s “Prosa” – it was no doubt it has to be contemporary choreography.
It is a tool that unveils an entire world inside a person.