Empress Eura faces her greatest challenge as the ruler of the distant world of Adin when she is forced to choose between trusting or killing a mysterious monster who arrives on Adin with a warning that could save or destroy her people.

Director’s Statement

While I was working at studios like Pixar and Disney’s Blue Sky Studios on animated features, screenwriting and storytelling became my primary interests and so I quit to create One Last Monster. I was driven to create an action/adventure/fantasy inspired by all the Asian and American movies, animation and books I’ve loved since childhood.

I also wanted to examine themes of prejudice, hypocrisy and staying in one’s comfort zone – all of which are issues that have come to concern and fascinate me as an adult (especially in the current global sociopolitical climate.) It was a great thrill as well to explore my Korean background by re-imagining ancient Korea as the fantasy world of Adin.

The experience of making this film became an opportunity to fulfill all these artistic goals of mine and it’s a privilege to finally share it with you.