Halloween Week

A man comes to terms with the sorrow, terror, and confusion of becoming undead.

Director’s Vision

OLD MAN FOREVER is a short film based on a feature-length screenplay my good friend and main collaborator, Sonia Campbell, wrote titled DENTURE FANGS.

We originally set out to film a teaser/trailer for the feature and, as such, filmed several scenes that showcased a lot of action, dimension, and style. However, after seeing the raw and beautiful performance of our lead actor (Joseph Lopez), we realized the piece we were meant to make was much simpler. Joseph seemed to hold the entire story in his expressions alone. In that performance, we saw a short film that captured the themes and emotion of the feature-length story, without a word of dialogue. The title was changed to better reflect this condensed version.

OLD MAN FOREVER is ultimately about human dignity, fear of death, loss, and joyful rebirth. In this short film, we hope to provide the audience with a few moments of reflection on the horror, and the beauty, of life.