A desperate actress trying to land the role of a lifetime holds a narcissistic director and a gutless casting director hostage at gun-point after they mock her large nose during an audition.

Director’s Statement

I was working on a set once when I heard a director tell an extra to get off the set because she was misshapen. She didn’t measure up to his perception of what beauty is, and he told her that. Hollywood is the only place where people can vocalize the harshest judgements as part of casual conversation. And even though we all have some things we’d love to change about ourselves, no one should ever hear that they are misshapen. We can’t change our genetic makeup, and we shouldn’t try- that’s what make us unique and interesting. I made this film not only to point out the double standard of beauty in the film industry, and to highlight the way that men talk about women’s appearances, but also to empower myself and others to embrace our “flaws.” If you’ve ever been told “you’d look better if…” then you can relate to this short. It’s about confronting those harsh judgements, fighting back against them, and finding confidence in your flawed self.