A portrait of a sexual assault survivor’s journey through love, sex, violence, and hope post-assault.

Director’s Notes

Living 8 months in Maryland catapulted me through a multitude of experiences that have kicked me into high-gear with growing up and moving forward. When I was in Maryland I dealt with a lot of racism and bigotry, more than I ever had living in Illinois. This taught me composure, patience, and most of all: how to stand up for myself. I made a few friends and managed to finish the rest of my Oh, Bouy collective, make a dance film, and make a short-narrative film. Being states apart I was still able to recruit people for my personal projects, and learning this was exhilarating and inspiring. I’ve always doubted myself and my abilities, more so when I lived in Chicago, but after the things I had been through in Maryland and the art I made with the people I met, I knew nothing could stop me. With this in mind, I set my eyes to Chicago.

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