In occupied Iceland during WW2, up and coming singer Bjork performs at the forbidden underground club “Camp Tripoli” run by US Marines. After performing she heads into the night and falls prey to the authoritarian youth surveillance unit and pure-bread Icelandic bigotry

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Director’s Vision for ‘My Promised Land’

This story is essentially about my family.
It’s about all the women that were scrutinised and violated during “The Situation” in Iceland.
It’s about both parts, the aggressors and the survivors. Who interestingly happened to be mostly women on either side.

Most of the elements of the story are based off of first hand recounts from my aunts, who suffered the scrutiny from society themselves, were banished from their families and ended up moving overseas to get a chance at a better life.

The sad thing about the sufferers of “The Situation” is that the culture of silence is still so prevalent that most people are too traumatized to talk about their experiences. They were all instructed not to talk about their experiences, to save their families from further embarrassment, and they haven’t worked through it still. Most of them at least.

Most of the sufferers are a part of a generation that is slowly fading away.
A lot of their truth will never be told.

The culture of silence is still prevalent in Iceland. I know this through my own family. I want to respect those who have gone and I want to inspire my own generation to steer away from perpetuating this condition.