Meta deals with the tedium of everyday life in isolation; plagued by a recurring nightmare and her own self destructive habits. She has no idea that the course of her future is about to take a sudden turn thanks to a ticking timer and an unexpected discovery.

Director’s Vision

Mujo is an experiment in the independent web series format. We wanted to see if we could make a series and remain as independent as possible by relying on the support of the people who watch it. Chapter A was produced on a micro budget that was equal parts crowd funding and money from Writer/Director Steve Squall’s own pocket.

The story of Mujo focuses on the misadventures of a woman named Meta as she makes her way through a post-apocalyptic near future. We will present each chapter on a pay-what-you-wish (even if it’s nothing) system. In between chapter releases, we will be providing in-depth insight into the making-of process (updates, interviews, behind the scenes content, and other generally degenerate content) via our social media channels, YouTube, Vimeo and this website. We think you will enjoy the story of the story being told just as much as the story itself.

Chapters will be produced and released as we gain enough funding. So the speed at which Meta’s next steps are revealed is dependent upon you, dear viewer.