Made’ is the tale of a woman’s intriguing double life. Minako, a young Japanese female, lives in a Tokyo penthouse with her European boyfriend, a successful musician. One morning she leaves the apartment as usual, dressed in formal office attire. But instead of arriving at a desk, she emerges amongst the busy crowds of Akihabara’s infamous entertainment district. From a station locker, she takes out a mysterious pink suitcase – the key to her other life. Inside a windowless room, she reveals the first glimpse into a secret existence, as she ritualistically dresses herself in a costume for a job in one of the numerous Akihabara maid bars. Later, David, a European lawyer, turns up at the Maid Bar. Their brief encounter will turn out to be a threat to her carefully orchestrated multiple lives. She has a deeper secret, which proves to be much more dangerous than her subservient maid character would suggest. Minako is an avatar in a game called Tokyo and David has become a danger to her idyllic cover story.