A stargazer from another planet named LUX dreams about her mysterious interstellar origins until one day she awakens to the crash of NASA’s Voyager 1 probe which carries onboard a truly out of this world golden mixtape.

Director’s Statement

This film was created over the course of my college career and there’s four years, 154 shots, 129 visual effect shots, many wonderful collaborators, and plenty of stories that happened in my life while making it. This story was inspired mainly by two things. The first thing being Central Oregon. Ever since I was a kid and started making little stop motion films I’ve wanted to film something there. The high desert landscapes are beautiful and the skies at night are so clear you can see the Milky Way. So often I found myself looking up and feeling awfully small. It’s quite easy to feel insignificant and lonely at how big everything is up there. So I was attracted to the story of Nasa’s Voyager 1 Probe (the second thing), which is currently the furthest human made thing from Earth out in interstellar space! Onboard they put a mixtape, a golden vinyl record of sorts, with sounds, images, and music to represent our tiny pale blue dot. Well this is an interstellar science fantasy fairy tall of sorts and it explores what happens when someone actually discovers the record and the universe suddenly feels a little less lonely to them. Showing that small things have significant effects. This is LUX! Do tell me what you feel!