Experiencing their son’s life after his unnatural death while navigating their failing marriage; mourning parents Mira and Pradeep cannot overcome their grief but start to build their lives around it.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Love Death and Everything in Between’

LOVE DEATH AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN is an exploration for grief through the lens of a mother, delving into themes of familial grief, a failing marriage, death of a loved one, overarching a nuanced Asian identity.

As a filmmaker who was born in India, I was persistent on telling a story that felt closer to home and the people. The idea roots from a deeply personal place. Just before I was about leave to London for my MA, my parents had separated after almost 26 years of living under the same roof. This remained with me as I spent the net few months under lockdown in my tiny room in London. I idea kept brewing naturally and all the grief I was experiencing at the time within myself, fed into the writing. I was ruminating on marriage as an institution, and the philosophical idea of death and reincarnation. However the child in me just wanted to unite my parents.

After the script, came the practicalities of executing the film within the COVID 19 restrictions that were still in the UK. We made the filming happen following all the rules and risk assessments. With the state of mind we all were at the very end of the pandemic, after living with the disease for so long – this added to the film as being a Bergmanesque Chamber drama.

As the filmmaking process kept progressing, we inclined towards the ‘less is more’ philosophy. Inspired by the minimalist cinematic language of modern auteurs David Lowery’s Ghost Story, Lee Chang Dong Burning and Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire, this film is the cast and crew’s cumulative efforts of contributing to existing independent films and filmmaking.