The year is unknown, the world has been decimated by an unpredictable meteor strike leaving Austin and Eveline as the only survivors.

Director’s Statement

Working with Paul as a writer for this 48 hour film was amazing, he gave us a story that had a lot of heart, and something where the entire cast and crew could fully dive into. Katie is an extremely talented actress, both Paul and Katie got nominations for Best Writing and Best Actress, respectively. We also were nominated for Best Costume Design, which was done by our amazing AD, Whitney. Austin is a multi talented filmmaker and did an amazing job as our editor, he only had limited time to edit this, yet did a stellar job! Overall everything you see was done in less than 48 hours, with a razor thin budget, yet we pulled it off which is pretty difficult to do. We were very happy and humbled to win the Audience Award, especially being that we had a very small team of 11 members, but our competition appreciated our film at it’s debut so much that they voted for us! As a filmmaker to me, the story is most important, and having an ending that is rewarding, which is a big reason why I’m so proud of this film.