Deported from the UK and forced back to the drought-ridden plains of her homeland, Aline must rediscover her place in the family she left behind or drown in an uncertain future.

Life goes on and change is inevitable – a fact that Aline must accept upon returning to Brazil, following deportation from the UK. Faced with uncertainty about her future, family tensions amid a worrying drought, and the ailing health of her beloved dog, she must find a way to re-anchor herself to the home she left behind. Written and directed by Charlie Reader, Lobo is an exploration of life, death and identity.

Director’s Vision for ‘Lobo’

Whilst Lobo is fiction, it’s based conceptually on the experience of my partner. Having faced visa issues in the UK, she was forced to leave the country and return home to Brazil after many years away. I was interested in creating a story about what that could feel like – having to re-discover your place within your family, a culture, and a place after so much time away. I wanted to explore the transition of going from one life you know into another life that feels much more uncertain. Lobo is also an extension of the feature film we’ve written around the same protagonist, Aline. This short film takes a different perspective, but it’s the same story world.