In the winter of 2019, a love-apathetic 36-year old Lea is in a cycle of bedding men she meets at her bartending job in New York City. She crosses paths with Max, a self-proclaimed feminist, after a failed online dating match. Lea and Max explore an unlikely connection forged over conversations about the new dating etiquette and come to a crossroads about what’s right, wrong, and in-between.

Director’s Statement

The rise of the #MeToo movement made the world check-in on how men communicate with women, from the professional workspace, to dating, to everyday interactions. This film aims to act as an intervention to how people communicate about romance today –why we shouldn’t abstain from the conversation just because it is difficult. Apathy and withdrawal do no one any good, and listening is a key skill t. This film aims to explore this valuable conversation, even if uncomfortable at times.