Directed by Andrea Gavazzi, the piece glows in a compelling space between short film and music video. It centers around Gracie and Rachel’s dear family friend Connie, as she speaks openly about the sudden and tragic loss of her lifelong partner, Danny. Her tender, emotional recollections are intertwined with footage of relationships at all stages of love. It’s an affecting testament to the strength of human attachment, and to the strength of humans to heal after that attachment’s been severed.

Director’s Vision

Something that has always struck me is how time affects memories and the way we perceive a past event in our life. The more time passes, the more our memory selects random bits to keep. We can’t completely understand why these memories are so clear, why that moment and not another one, and I don’t even think we question it; it just feels right, it feels it represents the essence of us, so we hold on to that instant. ‘Sidelines’ is not about what we could have done differently, but how we will do it differently in the future or next time.