An aspiring law student resorts to selling her dirty underwear online, accidentally balancing the scales of justice with her ex at the same time.

Director’s Vision

This story takes place in extremely heightened circumstances, full of chaotic dialogue, a bright colour palette, and absurd characters. Through dark comedy, I explore the world I imagine if people followed their guttural instincts of what they daydream of doing, but never would. It is an alternate reality where one acts on impulses born out of raw emotions– foregoing rationale and social constrictions. The story lives where our daydreams begin. It is my vision to bring these inner fantasies to the surface in my films in a whimsical, dark and entertaining way. At the heart of the story it is about independence and self esteem, explored through a stylized lens; inspired by filmmakers such as Guy Ritchie and Edgar Wright.

In KNK, I am not striving for subtlety and subtext, I am purposefully bringing the chaos to the forefront, and have made each line, each shot, each cliché, each exchange between characters larger, direct, and honest. The film takes place in a daydreamed alternate reality of our lead Katherine – much like how people live in an alternate reality of curated lives on social media.

Is “Kitty’s Naughty Knickers” what really happened in Katherine’s life? Or is she telling the story she wants you to hear…