Two girls encounter a stalker while waiting to meet their friends on Halloween, but he may not be the only thing to fear tonight.

Director’s Vision

“It’s in the air” was inspired by my love of the Halloween atmosphere and the amazing 80’s movies that surround it. I wanted to make something that pays homage to the past while still reflecting the realities of modern life. Every year, I try to make a film that I can publish online so that I can partake in the excitement of the day. Last year, I was unable to pull it off due in part to Covid, and we were rained out on what seemed to be our final day of shooting this year.

We eventually secured one more shoot date. Despite the dangers of rain, we were able to film for approximately 6 hours and obtain what we needed. We had a pick-up day for the Doctor’s office to get the ending, and then I was off to post-production. The whole post-production process was completed in 72 hours so that we could release it in time for Halloween. Although I don’t enjoy working that quickly, making it in the middle of October and releasing it two days before Halloween seemed like our own little Halloween adventure.