A cured zombie lives in seclusion; haunted by the crimes of her past.

Director’s Vision for ‘I’ll Never Be Alive Again’

I’ll Never Be Alive Again was derived from my time in quarantine. Secluded in my New York City apartment, I was experiencing some of the worst depression I’ve ever had. I felt like a shell of a person. Rather than living, I was just existing. This made me think of zombies. My protagonist Sadia, a recovering zombie, is doing just that. Existing. A “cure” from the government is allowing her to be brought physically to life, but she struggles to find the will to live, especially when we learn of her past crimes and the gravity of what she has lost.

Writing this film brought me catharsis, and bringing it to life on screen was an incredibly therapeutic experience. It is a film about trauma, grief, and guilt, but most importantly, acceptance of yourself.