Written initially as part of a collection of poetry, I Know I Shouldn’t Like It, But I Do, is an adapted list poem, written and directed by Ben Williams-Butt. It explores the depravity of the everyday human psyche, and the complex Freudian wants and needs of everyone – whether they like to admit it or not.

Director’s Statement

I Know I Shouldn’t Like It, But I Do is an adapted list poem exploring the unusual Freudian human psyche, and how so many people tend to hover between total sanity and total darkness, close to falling off the edge. It focuses on the peculiarity of what us human’s find interesting, or aesthetically pleasing. How many times have you laughed at a mate hurting themselves, or been caught in traffic because people are rubber-necking at blues and twos on the other side? Or find yourself clicking play on that pimple-popping video that someone shared on your social media feed? Far too often, I bet. And hopefully you’ll find IKISLIBID just as disgustingly appealing. It has recently finished its Film Festival tour, being screened at BAFTA-recognised Encounters Film Festival and London Short Film Festival; and being awarded Best Extreme Short at the inaugural International Short Film Show Awards.