A homeless single father and musician gets the opportunity to finally showcase his talent, but first, he must overcome his stage fright.

Director’s Vision for ‘Homeless Talent’

The film was inspired largely by Progress’s and myself’s mutual fear for the future, and that is reflected largely by the main character’s stage fright.
We both had serious doubts about our career trajectories, so when the pandemic hit, we decided to go for it and make this film.

I watched a lot of Tarkovsky while writing, so the visuals were heavily inspired by a lot of his films.
The film nearly didn’t happen about a thousand times, whether it was because of money or losing an actor, something just always seemed to get in the way of us making the project happen. I’m not joking when I say that the production reached Lost In La Mancha proportions half a dozen times. I even got robbed at gunpoint on wrap day.

Despite all of it, the end result is something that I can say everyone is really proud of. It was really special to get to make something with one of my best friends and help put his music on display, but beyond that, it was great to work with passionate people that really care about the film they’re working on.