Best Picks of The Month

This is a little film for all those folks who care for the planet and do not seem to tire in the face of ignorance and strong headwind. It’s the new year, the pandemic is still raging but hope is on the horizon. In times we are confined to our four walls, we long for travels to the most beautiful places on earth. There will come a time when we can leave our houses, apartments and flats again. So let’s think about trying to preserve what we have taken for granted for too long: our mutual home, our planet. Here’s to those who still strongly believe that educating the masses will bring about change! Don’t lose hope. Keep on disagreeing with those who already gave up on the world’s inhabitants and keep going.

Director’s Vision

Home. This word triggers a wide variety of associations. Most of these links are likely to be positive in nature. Thoughts about your own house or your childhood home may bring feelings of security and identification. Assuming the condition of this home deteriorates, the first logical response would be to stop this process. As soon as such decline begins to appear, action must be taken not to make the problem worse. If you allow too much time to pass, the initial damage could become irreparable. Regarding one‘s own home, this truth is firmly anchored in the mind, but as soon as it concerns our mutual home, the planet, the urgency to limit the damage seems to be significantly reduced.

In this short piece, the beauty of nature is contrasted with images that provide clear signs of decay. Pollution, poaching, deforestation. These are the attacks on our home. In the film we see ordinary people who are at one with their environment. The message: we need nature and nature in turn needs our understanding of its fragility. Our actions must be derived from this knowledge in order to protect what is our mutual home. Disagreeing with those who have already given up on spreading this message is worthwhile.

Especially in a time in which many of us are bound to our houses and apartments we must not forget what is at stake beyond our four walls.