KAY has recently suffered a loss in her life. When her grief manifests itself as an obsession with why 41 children have gone missing in a National Park, Kay desperately searches for answers to uncover the cause.

Starring Melissa Ponzio (Series Regular: “Teen Wolf,” “Chicago Fire” + “The Walking Dead,) ‘HATCHED’ is a meditation on grief, hope and making sense of tragedy.

Director’s Statement

As someone who is drawn to character driven stories that live in all the shades of grayscale that life has to offer, “Hatched” was a clear fit for my first directing project.

“Hatched” is a story about two people, on opposite sides of an issue, who stop talking past each other long enough to consider the other person’s point of view – and both people end up better because of it.

What drew me to this script was the relationship between Kay and Dave and how that influenced Kay’s journey. Both Kay and Dave are specific and unique characters, rooted in their strong but opposing views of the world. Yet, they are open enough to listen to each other and because of their interaction, they change one another: Kay’s passion pushes Dave to act and Dave’s perspective helps Kay let go.

Everyone walks their own path even though they are going in the same direction. You take away what you bring into a short like “Hatched.”