Best Picks of The Month

During his years of criminal activity, Rick has seen a lot of bad cops… but today he meets Officer Hinkley… and well, he’s a whole different kind of BAD.

Director’s Vision

Good Cop Bad Cop? was thankfully put together by a TON of amazing local filmmakers coming together (last minute) to make something soooo ridiculous. I was told by a friend that MY RODE REEL was having another competition this year and that the parameters were that each short had to be a maximum of 3 minutes in length. I had the idea of Good Cop Bad Cop? a while back, but this felt like the right opportunity to make it happen AND to try and make something funny within such a short amount of time. Yes, there were awards on the line, but I thought “who cares if we win or lose, I just want to make something and this feels like a good excuse to do something!”

I reached out to friends, and some friend’s friends and the next thing that happened, we were all in a tiny freaking room together (some of us meeting for the first time) and started shooting. It was a blast because everyone that came out was SO excited to be working on something that was narrative.

Our actor’s stole the show for SURE. I talked to Caleb (who plays Officer Hinkley) to just adlib a few lines on the first few takes. He did so well improvising lines, that I ended up cutting out all of my original jokes and kept in all of his off the cuff lines. He improvised all of his lines and made this thing 10 times funnier.

I am beyond grateful for each person that came out to help on this project. They made the whole process SO fun and exciting. Filmmaking is RAD. But filmmaking with friends is RADDER.