God Only Knows is a new short film commissioned by and in celebration of The Beach Boys 60th Anniversary. The film explores the timeless feeling of falling in love, inspired by the timeless nostalgia the music has birthed for decades. It was written and directed by Andrew Litten at Stink Films, starring Zoe Manoek and Toby De Goede.

GOK was conceived over months of writing, casting, and creating a look and feel of a story that celebrated the dreamlike qualities of their music, but was an honest story everyone could relate to in some way. It’s about the feeling of your first kiss, the first time you realize you’re in love, and the challenges of moving into adulthood.

Director’s Vision for ‘God Only Knows’

This project is the most important in my journey as a filmmaker. Growing up with The Beach Boys on in the background of some of my favorite childhood moments, getting to try and tell a story that captures the lightning of their world in a bottle was no easy task. We found that stripping our stories and characters down to their simplest, most honest forms did the most service to the music. I’m infinitely happy with the result and efforts of our team.