What if “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was remade as a gritty HBO show like “Euphoria“? Ask no further as Ferris, Sloane, Cameron, Principal Rooney, and the monotone Econ Professor step into the world of Euphoria’s Eastland High School.

Director’s Vision for ‘Ferris’

We have always been a fan of the SNL style parody trailers, so as our timelines became inundated with Euphoria content this year, it made perfect sense for us to use the visual language of the hit HBO show for a “gritty” Ferris Bueller remake just in time for the comedy classic’s 36th anniversary this year.

It was an interesting exercise in spectacle – packing as much bang for your buck into what is essentially only a 2 min long comedy sketch. We ran around SoCal with roughly 4 company moves, 20 extras, a vintage picture car, some of our most talented comedy friends in detailed hybrid Ferris/Euphoria wardrobe & makeup, and even full blown fire dancers (no particular story reason other than it’s absurd and makes us laugh at how cinematic it is) in order to make it look like a full season of television had been shot, while in actuality we had 16-17 hours of filming.

Beyond doing a killer job playing the overly-dramatic Ferris, Kyle was a wonderful collaborator behind the camera, and was ready, willing, and able to ask a thousand favors along with my thousand favors. Our cast and crew all took creative ownership over this endeavor – and because of the collective hard work of our team, we are all very proud of this very cinematic, yet very silly & uncalled for trailer.