Meet Jo, a young ambitious pizza driver who gets more than she bargains for when pulled into a feud between two rival pizza shops.

Director’s Statement

Extra Toppings is a story Brian Caputo and Alex Backstrom have wanted to tell for years. Both of them spent their teen years slinging pizzas at different pizza shops and loved telling their tales from their shops. We wanted to tell a story about the exciting world that could be beneath each and every pizzeria in the country. We loved how fun and action packed this world could play on screen.

While writing the short, Alex Backstrom initially made the character of Jo a man, but early on our cinematographer, Blake Horn, suggested changing it to a girl and it took the short to another level. The story of a girl fighting to prove herself against guys that don’t believe in her emerged. She needs to show she has the skills and the attitude to keep up with the boys who are blinded by stereotypes. Alex found inspiration of this character from his fiancé who won’t let anything stop her. With such a strong theme along with the fun car chases and fourth wall breaking banter, we believe this unique short thrives as a whole.