A seemingly hypnotized girl enters the uncharted territory of following a mysterious character through her otherworldly behaviour. Attracted to her new surreal aura she turns into a blind imitator, but soon comes face to face with the realisation that her copycat act will cost her more than her autonomy.

Director’s Statement

The initial concept was to produce a straightforward visual metaphor, to create a film which deals with adoration within contemporary culture. The recurring theme that people tend to follow blindly and imitate the behaviour of another person based solely on the fact that something looks new, different and in some cases strange just for the sake of being strange. Their “burning” desire to stand out and be noticed, most notably on social media and how this approach to life became a fashion trend in itself. When conceiving the two characters, big inspirations were two films – Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer and Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos. Therefore one became a girl which seems otherworldly, full of confidence to the point of being hypnotic, and the other – her naive follower, living in a world of manufactured meaning, easily hypnotized. From here onwards the story became about a mysterious character and her avid imitator locked up in a power play. A kind of stable uncertainty. Both of them rather static, prisoners in themselves.