Existence is a visual narrative encapsulating the journey of creation. The creation of an idea, right from its inception to its final manifestation as a monumental structure. A testament to the lifelong pursuit of creation.

This film draws a lot of inspiration from the ideas I had as a student of architecture. Back then these ideas were still raw and lacked a clear focus and vision but those ideas served as a great starting point for me to develop this film.

Director’s Vision

Through this film we tried to explore the fascinating journey of evolution and creation. The architecture evolves across the whole film. Starting from a small cube, it starts dominating the space more and more until eventually it is once again a very small part of a vast landscape all around it. This is the ever present journey of growth and self reflection each individual goes through. Within the pacing of the edit it was important to synchronize the way the original score was interacting with the visuals on screen. The score in itself starts off slowly, growing more powerful with each note drawing a parallel with the evolution of the architectural metaphors. A very critical yet understated part of the film was the FUI (Fictional User Interface) designs which were inspired by architectural blueprints and sacred geometry to create a layer of subtext which essentially foreshadows different elements of the film itself. Finally the character walking through the monolith is essentially a reflection of the viewer, witnessing the journey within the world of Existence until the final moment of self reflection standing at the very edge of the ramp in the final scene of the film.