Endless Shades is a short film that is focusing on embracing our own uniqueness and imperfections. The narrative follows our mid-20 year old female protagonist and artistically audio-visualizes mental health issues that we are all continuously surrounded by.

Director’s Vision for ‘Endless Shades’

A lot of my close friends struggle with their mental health and the secluded times we live in enhance their feeling, so it didn’t take long for me to work on a project that covers parts of this issue that many people are suffering from and not a lot of people are speaking about.

As someone who works in the commercial field a lot, especially the urge for beauty is something that can be frightening. Mostly young women are suffering from it and thankfully a few brands in the field of beauty and fashion are targeting the topic. Still, a lot has to be done until we live in (kind of) toxic free world.

Endless Shades celebrates the fact that we all can come over the hard times we face – even if we are on our own, even if we hate to look in the mirror everyday, we just have to find the beauty in ourselves as everyone of us is beautiful. Endless Shades should make people aware and talk about the topic of mental health, especially for young and people who grow up.