A young man must struggle to regain his memory before a mysterious character can hunt down and kill his girlfriend. But, as he rediscovers who he really is, he must face his dark and superhuman past.

Director’s Vision

“Electric Blue” is my directorial debut short film, and as a filmmaker that has predominantly been on the acting and writing side of projects, directing was a necessary, exciting and educational experience. As a lifelong lover of genre film, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, supernatural and thriller being my favorite brands of storytelling, I wanted Electric Blue to play within those flavors. In tone and pace, I very much wanted this story about regaining one’s memory and the strange and unexplainable things happening to a person without the framework of their memory, to feel like a Memento blended with an Under the Skin. Story and genre-wise, I thought creating a grounded suspense narrative augmented by elements of sci-fi and fantasy, would be really interesting and elevate the world and the stakes within that world. Thus, adding small superhuman components inspired by movies like X-Men or Chronicle, act to create even more intrigue into who this memory-less man is, his past, his destiny and the threat he must face. All too often, genre films go overboard with pace, tone, dialogue, action and effects, so I really wanted to ground and tighten the tone of this film into something more mysterious and foreboding to give the audience a continued need to figure out what is happening, and about to happen. A thriller to keep them guessing, in other words. At its core, Electric Blue is thus a dramatic thriller, but with understated yet crucial sci-fi, fantasy and superhuman elements to bring out a more complex story and tone. Narratively, it is structured to be a sort of abbreviated first act of a much larger story, alluding to a mysterious and otherworldly setting that could be full of incredible wonder, terrifying conflicts and a much vaster backstory and plot.