In a society isolated with technology, a young man tries to build a real meaningful relationship

Director’s Statement

The vision for the music video was inspired by bringing to life what a not so distant dystopian future would look like where society is void of nurture and social interaction. The piece explores human connection, and interaction in a ‘Black Mirror-esque’ virtual reality dating simulation. The creative explores what would happen if the person you fell in love with, stopped coming online to hang out? How would our protagonist deal in this scenario, if socially incompetent.

When Patrick O’ Donnell (the artist of the song) reached out to me to collaborate on this music video, he wanted something a bit dark and sinister, also both Patrick and Andrea Williams (featured in video) had dance sequences choreographed throughout specific moments of the song. The story that followed was the result of working within the boundaries. Geographically and location agnostic, creating an experience which is universal for a viewer. The piece attempts to create a hypnotic quality for the viewer dipping in and out of ‘real world’ and ‘other world’ aesthetics. Focus on how a relationship can illustrate a gritty realism, but in tandem making the viewer question what is real and what is fantasy.