Sam is just another donor-conceived child who gave up hope of ever finding her donor-dad. Until one day she gets a call that could change her life forever.

Directors Vision for ‘Donor Baby’

As a first time filmmaker I set myself an ambitious goal: shoot a film in one weekend, with only 12 hours of filming & a tiny budget.
My guerrilla filmmaking tactics paid off, because we were able to create a short film I am really proud of.

Learning as I went along, I broke so many of the traditional rules of filmmaking, which felt incredibly liberating. After working as an actor for so long, I had observed that there seemed to be only one way to make a film; and that way was incredibly expensive and out of reach. But with a lot of passion and a talented cast and crew we created DONOR BABY.

Donor Baby is a very personal story, based on the real life experience of our lead actor Lauren Caster, and her own search to find her ‘bio-dad’.

I know so many beautiful families who were created using a donor sperm or donor egg.

My hope is that the film promotes discussion around the rights of donor-conceived children and their innate desire to known where they come from.