Dino has been locked away for a long, long time. One day, he receives a Visitor who longs to connect with him. Under constant surveillance, they perform a spellbinding dance.

Director’s Vision

Being a Dino is not what it used to be. Likewise, ‘Dino’ is not what it used to be. Its story-world and choreography were not created with the coronavirus pandemic in mind. The film was shot two weeks before New York City went into lockdown and film and TV productions were halted. We never could have expected to be indefinitely stuck at home wearing masks just right after completing our one-day shoot. All throughout post we have been keenly aware of how the film’s themes of isolation, paranoia, and human connection have changed due to current events. It seems that though our story stayed the same, the message evolved to fit the times. Perhaps Dino captures a snapshot from a bygone era, reminding us that this new world is one we used to fantasize about.