The Art of Healing is a short film that beautifully depicts stages of grief and healing through the eyes of a homeless man who mourns the tragic loss of his daughter. This man’s artistic delusion, including a personal muse, form the basis of this message.

Directors Vision

The Art of Healing came to me after the passing of a close friend unexpectedly. I found healing through creative processes while I was grieving for this personal loss. Humans universally face pain, loss, struggles in their lives. No one is free from it. It is my belief that creative processes can be healing and cathartic. This is the message of this film. This project is unique in its portrayal of grief and healing. The lack of dialogue and the essential visuals paint the picture in this film. Simplest shapes, abstract forms and color schemes were carefully planned and utilized. My desire is for audience members to connect their unique human experiences to this film and feel moved artistically in a way that will bring them healing and empowerment.