Three women, three worlds, three erotic scenarios linked by their subversion of timeless myths and fairytales.

Director’s Vision

The concept for ‘Delta of Venus’ came about when I became interested in constructing a film like a poem: based on a set of ideas instead of a set of plots. In particular, I wanted to make a film about the troubling legacy of fairytales, as well as the artificiality of desire itself in a culture that champions aesthetics but ignores its substance. ‘Delta of Venus’ consists of three visually distinct chapters: Chapter 1: ‘Marianne’, Chapter 2: ‘Lilith’ & Chapter 3: ‘Elena’ As such, each chapter depicts the erotic imagination of a different woman. Which, in my opinion – given the ostensibly heterosexual, infantile & sexist Disney origins of these queer coded fantasies – creates a thought-provoking juxtaposition. While curating the ‘look’ of each chapter, all the way from makeup, to costume to production design, we referenced and re-combined stylistic elements from disparate sources and time periods. The goal was to achieve hybrid, mystical designs that would resist easy categorisation. This was done partially as an attempt to recreate the subconscious mind’s process of synthesizing information – it is what lends the film its vaguely nostalgic look. Even though you can’t exactly pinpoint where you might have seen something similar.