A struggling musician is peer pressured into performing a very personal song while at a party he wishes he didn’t have to attend.

Director’s Statement

The Specs’ DAYDREAMER is a song I’ve wanted to incorporate into a project for years now. I went back and forth with ideas, and finally settled on what has become the film, DAYDREAMER. Eric Galloway, the lead actor and original writer and performer of the song, heavily impacted the story – it’s largely his own. In fact, his actual girlfriend, Allison Hardy, plays his significant other in the film.

The film can be viewed two ways – as the actual story that unfolds onscreen, and also thematically as an exposé on what it means to create stories, music and art in an age of disposable consumerism; to pour your heart and soul into a project only to have it so often discarded or ignored.

DAYDREAMER was truly a labor of love by all involved, and I’m grateful for how many people lent their support, time and resources to the project.