“Cucks” is a about three ultra-progressive best friends who agree it’s time for privileged, straight white men like themselves to listen – and they’re not afraid to tell you about it. In their effort to be on the right side of history, the Cucks end up on the wrong side of everybody.

Director Statement

Everyone has that friend who is super progressive, liberal, woke, outspoken, courageous, active, and a complete dick. Cucks is born out of our fear that we are that friend.

After the last election, all of the networks and production studios were like “Please don’t bring us anything that is overly socially conscious.”
And we were like, “What about characters that are ONLY socially conscious?”
And they were like, “That’s the opposite of what we asked for.”
And we were like, “Yeah, but what if the opposite of what you ask for is actually what you really want?”
And they were like, “Please leave.”
So we grabbed our tiny complimentary water bottles, walked out with our heads held a little too high, and made this film.