Crushing It is a mockumentary that examines what happens when a married couple tries to come to terms with each other’s extreme tendencies. Liz is a tomboy. Jon is a bit of a bro. When friends come over for a cookout, tension and hilarity ensue.

Director’s Statement

Crushing It is a deeply personal story that is ripped from the pages of my life as a tomboy. In my younger years, I was resistant and insecure about that label, perceiving it to mean less-than. Less girly than my beautiful, feminine mother wanted me to be. Less delicate than society thought young women should be. Even on the rare occasions that my grandmother won the battle of dresses and ruffle socks, I’d end up covered in dirt and scrapes and bruises, having found a game of pickup football far more enticing than whatever dull activity was meant to hold my attention. As I grew up, I realized that not everyone expected me to choose girly over tomboy; in fact, the love of my life and I were drawn together because both of us live in the grey between gender roles. He’s both masculine and gentle; I am both gentle and masculine. This film is about the comedy and drama that arise when those dichotomies live together in a romantic relationship. My dream is that this film can fill a gap in the current conversation, but mostly I hope it provides some relatability and levity to the idea of interchangeable and softening gender roles in a straight couple’s marriage.