Gia, a millennial, social-media influencer, travels to Lake Como while on assignment. Sharing her lavish lifestyle and stunning Italian scenery online to her large following, Gia seems to have everything, except one thing: love.

Director’s Vision for ‘Como, ti amo’

I came up with the concept for this film on the plane ride to Italy. I wasn’t going to Italy to make a film however, rather to attend a friend’s wedding. The idea of feeling lonely while being surrounded by abundance and beauty has always resonated with me, so a backdrop like Lake Como was perfect for a little story like this. I convinced my talented sister, Arianna, to act in the film while on the plane ride. I had a wireless mic on her and we spent 5 days running around Lake Como, no permits or planning, just shooting and being inspired. It was refreshing to make something this intimate and organic. For me, it’s like a sketch, a poem, a journal entry. Just my thoughts and my creative instinct at play. This approach and intention reminds me of why I got into this medium to begin with.