With a possible singularity on the horizon, two friends bound by curiosity and companionship embark on a dangerous journey towards its alluring core. Surreal and impulsive; their journey is tested by their changing priorities. When one challenges the other, we begin to realize that their reality may not be exactly what it seems.

Pushing the limits of style and narrative, the film loops back and forth in memory, endeavoring to explore the spirit of the sublime and what it means to truly feel alive.

Director’s Statement

Common Structure was inspired by a conversation about the sublime.

Life often gets in the way and prevents us from doing things we want to do. Somehow years pass and doors close and we haven’t even realized.

We forget. And we forget the emotion of these things because we don’t do them.

Combining surreal elements of the sublime and interweaving threads from across time and memory, we set out to explore what it means to truly feel alive. Common Structure is an invitation to access to the sublime. It’s about beauty, togetherness, impulsiveness; sensory experience. And what happens when external forces act on our relationships and how that alters your perceptions of reality.

As filmmakers we are both motivated by both conceptual and aesthetic concerns and this film, for us, was about creating a process where those could have equal weight. Creating spaces where we were best placed to capture the fleeting moments of the sublime as they played out.