Our time on this earth is short. Kairi realizes how little she’s really lived when she receives the worst news a young person can. How will she spend her final days?

Director’s Statement

On a daily basis, I see adults, teens, kids – glued to their phones. For years, I’ve watched couples on dates stare at screens instead of conversing. Parents shoving phones in their toddler’s faces to keep them quiet.

And a few years ago, my best friend, a fellow writer – at the age of 25, died of a brain aneurysm. Prior to that, perfectly healthy.

The fact is, our time on this earth is short. For some people, it’s shorter than others. If you ask the elderly, you’ll never hear them say they wish they’d spent more time watching tv or reading the paper. They’ll tell you they wish they’d spent more time with loved ones. More time living.

You never know when your time’s going to be up. And the world would be a better place if we all lived every day like it was our last. That’s what this film is about.

In a way, we got to experience that kind of joy while filming. Cassy had just graduated, and wasn’t sure where life would take her next. She called me to say she had her summer free if I had any projects I wanted to work on. I had this idea brewing for some time, and pitched it to her – she loved it. So Cassy, and my wife, and several friends and I, made a “bucket list” for our character, and spent the whole summer together, filming all of these different scenes. Everything was shot on location, and done in camera. No VFX, no stunt people. It was an emotional summer, it was an emotional (and difficult) experience editing the film together in post, and we hope it moves you. We hope it inspires you to think twice about how you spend your time on this earth.