Zeke, leader of the ethical CAR STEALERS gang, finds a girl with mysterious powers to pull a heist to retrieve his father’s 2001 Lexus, but his reckless personal vendetta gets everyone hurt.

Director’s Vision

We are attracted to odd stories and damaged people.

Car Stealers is an irreverent homage to action-packed Car movies like Fast and the Furious or Drive, but it takes its directorial cues from cult icons like Alex Cox and Wes Anderson. The juxtaposition between these distinct styles creates a hilarious and exciting story. It is a comedy that’s punk as fuck but not afraid to pull some heartstrings.

The characters are absurd, but the script is anchored in their strong emotions. The stylized costumes are out of the 80’s/90’s, but the story is set in the present. This is not a parody but a love letter to some of our favorite films and storytellers. It hearkens back to the weird shelf at video rental stores where you could accidentally discover the works of Terry Gilliam or Gregg Araki–oddballs with the guts to tell outlandish stories without apology.

Most importantly, it raises a glass to teenage years in friends’ basements. There, the VHS tape taught us to accept and cherish our own quirks, and it showed us that there was a place in the world for freaks like us.