A violent event fractures the relationship between a Mexican American seamstress and her intellectually challenged adult son.

Director’s Statement

As a female filmmaker, I felt it is my obligation to talk about rape through a female perspective. That perspective would not depict the physical humiliation a woman undergoes through such an attack but it would show the violence inflicted on her body and psyche after the event. I wanted to focus on her emotional struggle and give her agency at this moment of utter victimization.

I found it very intriguing to focus on the next moments after the rape as these are the moments that we rarely get to see on film. I started by posing questions: How does a violent experience transform our mind, our psyche and our intimate relationships within the domestic sphere? What does a woman do after being attacked? How does she stand up? How does she walk, how does she breathe, how does she interact with her son that needs her care giving? I tried to answer these questions by focusing on the small details and the most private inarticulate moments, close ups on faces and everyday activities with a camera that is both intrusive and respectful to the characters and their suffering.