A gifted and obsessive scientist, ostracized from the scientific community but still searching for a form of clean energy, is visited by her long-suffering ex-husband, who tries to pull her out of her self-destructive spiral by convincing her to stop her research.

Director’s Vision

This was something I wrote in the height of the pandemic, desperate to get out and make films. I wanted to capture the feeling of an unfulfilled aspiration, an obsession, that by all outside markers is unhealthy for you, but that you just have to keep going on with anyway.

Nicola’s character is very much in the grips of that sort of unhealthy obsession. But she’s also desperate to try and right something she sees wrong in the world and that combination really fascinated me.

We ended up making this film on a bit of shoestring in one of the brief windows without covid restrictions in 2020. Its only through the hard work and generosity of a lot of amazing people that we got this made and my undying thanks go out to them all.