Boba Fett, the infamous intergalactic bounty hunter, has tracked his next prey into a dusty saloon in the outskirts of a remote space port. In the shadows of the busy space bar the hunter confronts his target’s three sinister henchmen. Who will blink first?

The Twelve Parsec Stare is a Finnish Star Wars -inspired short film. Our ambition was to combine the distinct genres of Science Fiction and the classic Spaghetti Western. The non-commercial, non-profit project was funded entirely by our production team and the film was made from start to finish in the duration of 2015, including the week-long filming period.

Ruined Films is an indie production group based in Helsinki, Finland. The Twelve Parsec Stare’s director Eric Raunio did all of the film’s visual effects and is also engaged in freelance work, creating special effects and post production elements for other projects. Right now we are preparing for our first original feature film production.