When a husband reveals a long kept secret, an elderly couple learns that love is never in stasis.

Director’s Vision for ‘Bliss’

While participating in a reading of one-act plays by Andrew Johns, I had the great fortune to witness Greg Mullavey and Louise Lasser work with each other. Their words leapt from the page into reality — their chemistry contagious. Little did I know they played husband and wife throughout the 1970s on the hit TV show Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. That very day I suggested we make the piece into a film. A year later, we shot. A year after that, the final cut. While Andrew’s humorous writing underpins every moment of the story, when bringing this piece of theater to the screen, we trimmed and restructured. So if you are ever in New York and have the good fortune to watch the full 25 minute one-act play, as I once did, you’ll be charmed by the magic of this legendary team.