When fitness fanatic Julia returns home with a bunch of bananas, she accidentally unleashes an eight-legged nightmare into her home, capable of paralyzing her… and much, much worse.

Director’s Statement

BITE was conceived as a short spider horror to be made with zero CGI and done using real spiders. Looking back at my childhood and what scared me the most – spiders were always high up on the list. Spielberg and Frank Marshall’s Arachnophobia literally scared the crap out of me as a child of the 90s and made me fear sleeping, showering or anything where a spider could be lurking. Working with my excellent writer David Scullion, we conceived a short horror that could focus in on the biggest fear of mine… a spider going in the mouth. Looking back at film history I was quite aware that no one had done a horror with real spiders since Arachnophobia and hoping to buck the trend of giant, 30ft CGI spiders, our aim was to create a super-short horror that used smaller, real spiders to create terror in our audience. Every shot of the spider you see is real. Shot with a trained puppy-tarantula named TINA under the watchful guide of her handler, Mark. Both myself and the crew are so thrilled with the outcome and feel proud to have created a “creature feature” with zero CGI. Since finishing the film we have developed and written a feature length script of the expanded film and we are hoping we get to create the ultimate spider horror film.

Story by: Simon Berry
Written by: David Scullion

Director of Photography: Tom Welsh
Editor: James Rosen @ Final-Cut
Colour: Steffan Perry @ Framestore
Location Sound: Frank Mclaren
Sound Design & Music: Patch Rowland @ Machine London
Spider Wrangler: Mark @ Animal Actors
Casting: Kate and Lou Casting
Makeup & SFX: Jess Taylor