BEDS tours the indignity of the life of a mattress, through the characters who abuse, overlook, neglect, and ultimately discard that central figure in our lives.

Director’s Statement

I realized at some point within the last year that I’ve spent much of my life in bed. Scientists say it’s roughly one third of your life. I know this isn’t new information, but having the idea fresh up my sleeve, I felt instantly compelled to honor my bed in some way— to highlight this incredibly overlooked item sitting right under my nose.

Beds is an ode to… my bed. Throughout the film, the bed is always background (much like my lifelong neglect for it), except for the opening and closing, which bookends the chaotic, loud and unpleasant experiences a lot of beds have to endure throughout their existence. A bed becomes a bystander. Sometimes it becomes an accidental accomplice. And in rare scenarios, a tissue for snot. For me, the bed is an unsung hero.

Hopefully folks will come away with a newfound appreciation. Maybe they’ll notice more of the smaller stuff in the everyday. Or maybe they won’t even notice the bed’s central role in every scene, one more indignity in a life of indignity!